Welcome to
The Listening Room

Do you feel invisible or overwhelmed?  Perhaps you spend your day running from your thoughts or sadness, only to be awoken by your 2am mind repeating the script of anxiety, fear or regret?

 Are you exhausted from all the masks you put on to hide your true self? Or is it easier to dull down how you feel to keep the peace, as the voice of self-doubt becomes louder than the voice of self-belief?

 Or perhaps you're wanting to commence on a journey of self-discovery but aren’t really sure where to set off from?

Within our Counselling Journey  I will walk alongside you offering professional therapeutic  support through your process of finding more  understanding, peace and connection with your experiences and who you are. 

Experiences that have shaped you up until this point, in various degrees, some even painful and in ways you may not have wished. 

The counselling space offers you the opportunity to unapologetically explore and express your world, as you journey towards a life where you feel you have choice and internal power over your authenticity. Where your hands are firmly on your steering wheel of life.

  "The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change." Carl Rogers

Face to Face and Online sessions available 

Therapy Room: Colchester Business Centre, 1 George Williams Way, Colchester, CO1 2JS